Art Film & Video


Irit BATSRY, Stories from the Old Ruin (1988; 20 min.) Eerie, masterfully processed tableaux on memory, personal & ancestral.
Ellin BAUMEL (with Judy MOY), Homage to Artaud (1988; ap. 10 min.)
Stark tableaux of domestic drama (S8 orig.).
Caterina BORELLI, The Date (10 min.) and Glances (13:30 min.) The Date The Medusa theme charges this romantic idyll in a garden of statues. Glances A look at the Bowery and its denizens through a peephole, "life melting among people's feelings, on the edge between reality and fiction."
Bill CRESTON, The Urinals (1972; 12 min.) Video history; a comic scene played out before Creston's 1964 painting of "Urinals" in the Met features Carl Methfessel.
CRITICAL Art Ensemble, (1987-88; 35 min.) Tallahassee, FL-based video performance group of seven lays on the post-modern dog, with a series of short collage-comment pieces: Mirror of Reduction, Misappropriation (after Andy Warhol), Baudrillard's Lasso, Collective Oedipal Revolution, Indefinite Concrete Material, Gift-Wrapped Aporia, Art Film, Mondo Familiae, Limnologic Jargon post-modern, yeah, but all highly watchable juice.
DIRECT Art, Shimmelstein (1985, 25 min.) Claymation satire on music biz starring the Jickets. World Music Inc. conspires to defraud the down-home band. Many odd domestic and corporate scenes.

Good Lovin' Guitar Man (1984; 3 min.), Heterosexual Love (1984; 4 min.) & Bloody Stump (1983; 12 min.) Music videos of the Jickets, with Chett Grant, Larry Lame. Het is a classic doll animation disco and party scene. Stump is early work by Michael Wolfe, a demented George Pal.

Doug EISENSTARK, A True Country (1987; 15 min.) Peruvian mine-owner's story. Fairytale feeling, deals with economic and social realities.
FLEISHMAN Sisters, Brunch (1986, 10 min.) and 28 (1987; 5 min.) This breezy video-animated early morning vignette is light but beautiful. Produced by painter Jill and video artist Carole. 28 is a 'birthday video,' brightly comic romp with piquant edges; b/w. Produced by Carole.
Terence GRACE, Marketplace (1985; 4:15) & Rumble (1986; 4:30) These music videos of Details at Eleven use silky Super-8 animations to illustrate the jazzy and urbane songs.
Julie HARRISON & Robert KLEYN The Other Side (1985, 18 min.) and The Realization (1983, 20 min.) Side is shot in wide-open New Mexico, the story of a woman's spiritual quest for "the volcano." "I'm trying to create a vision for my dreams," Harrison says. In Realization Kleyn travels from city to country, from the role of spy, strategist and game-player to a tranquil philosophical quietus.
Hank LINHART, Works 1978-83 (40 min.) Evocative video art and performance pieces. Includes Bog Rushes, Onomato, Apex (produced with synthesizer musician Joshua Fried) Skank, ItŐs Gonna Be a Great Day, Whipped, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and Good Times; also The Game (with Peer Bode, C. Fellman, and Hank Rudolph), and The Insurance Monkeys.
Terry MOHRE & Alan Moore, Studio Melee Sampler (1984; 20 min.) Schematic computer-animated presentation and documentary of an interactive video installation constructed from old machine parts
and painted backdrops.
Robert PARKER, Left Right (1984, 20 min.) The sculptor and architect at home in Guelph, Canada, moves among stones and bones dressed in a loincloth. b/w.
Kembra PFAHLER, Cowboy Stories Beautiful, trance-like multiple rescans of Pfahler's performance work with husband Samoa.
Barbara ROSENTHAL, Fingernails & other works (1988; 54 min.) 18 humorous short pieces use toys, puppets, and text in this media poet's performance works. Includes: Semaphore Poems, Wrapping Packages, Lying Diary, News Wall, Society, Curio Shop, & more.

Color Reel I (1986; 30 min) Diaries, documents & conceptual pieces includes Colors & Auras, Rock-A-Bye Rock Lobster, Silent Night, and I See A. "Incessantly personal, even naked, emphasizing language through stories, puns, songs, names" Voice.

Jayce SALLOUM The Ascent of Man (1985-87) includes I. Silent Running (4:42); II. Conditions of Mercy (6:15); and III. Acts of Consumption (8:00). And, In the Absence of Heroes, Warfare/Case for Context (1984; 43 min.). Salloum's work is an evocative image-essay on grand themes, executed in rapid-fire edits from found material.
George SCHIFINI, Known Ledge (1985, 11 min.) "The preacher and the shaman discover a reality we have chosen not to look at." A spare studio production with telling effects.
David SCHMIDLAPP, Slide Transforms (1982-87; 45 min.) I, Magi a paradox of truth; World War state of affairs; Facts of Life: Hootennany in Hell; also video enhanced document of Getting Over Getting Over audio-visual jam with Walter Steding, Phase 2 and others at Asylum, NYC.
Willoughby SHARP and Ira SCHNEIDER, Who Killed Heinrich Hertz? (1988; 15 min.) Made for a live "bi-directional microwave-delivered digital art event," this is a peek at a scientist's life and ideas. (Crew: D. Gigliotti, George Chaikin.)
STARCK Club, Big June reel (1984-8; ap. 100 min.) Programmed by Dallas TX video artist David Hynds, this tape features work by Hynds (Medical Practice, 1,000 Shirts and 6 more); Mark Ridlen (Lingerie Gourmet, Frayed 2 more); Susan Teegardin & Susan Magilow (Lazy Susans, Lamb Chops 2 more); and Ed Zabel (Women Dancing, Christian Cat, 6 more); and Leslie Jett. Starck was a major southwestern US video venue.
Kathy TANNEY, Stars in Her Eyes & You Talk (1985; 9.5 min.) "Stars" is a scratch-video interpretation of the Miss America pageant, "Talk" a snappy, computer animation.
Jordi TORRENT, Film Spectators Are Quiet Vampires (1985; 5 min.) An elegant, fast-moving "pilgrimage in the land of moving-on and death," a homage to singer Jim Morrison.
VIDEO Band, War Dance (1986, 30 min) A collection of music video art from the San Francisco band, War Dance, Reagan Commercials, California Zones, and more. Ace production, "such high quality and still retains its raw energy"Voice.
Neil ZUSMAN, Sampler (80 min.) In fresh language, Zusman's video-poems talk to a sense that lies below consciousness. They are electronic joy-rides, jumping through eye boundaries. Time Witness (1986, 12 min.); Orbit (1982-83, 9 min.); State of Air (1986, 5 min.); Tympanum (1981, 9 min.); Boundary (1980, 18 min.); Bells (1984, 5 min.); Ocean Land (1985, 18 min.); Spirit in the House (1986, 3 min.).
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