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The Sherman Phenomena:
The Image of Theory or a Foreclosure
of Dialectical Reasoning?

Nadine Lemmon
Reading Verbal and Visual Instances
of Michelangelo Through Lacan

Raphy Sarkassian
The Image of Language
Jennifer Burns
Art in Flames
Charles Reilly
Summer at Home: Art Disappears
on Staten Island

Alan Moore
Stuart Davis and El Lissitzky
John Angeline


Duchamp, A Biography,
by Calvin Tomkins

John Angeline
MOMA Reinvented?
Lisa Schiff
Utopia, Dysopia and Bliss
in the Summer of '97:
Venice, Kassel, and Munster

Poyin Auyoung
Javier Tellezís Penalty
Raul Zamudio
Review of Godardís Contempt
Jennifer Farrell


The Good Book: Choosing a Text for
the Introductory Art History Course

Daniel Cornell
Curatorial Practice from the Bronx
Lydia Yee and Betti-Sue Hertz

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