The Bent Road Trip
Bent Road Trip Video Stills, Gaylen
Snapshot of a Punk Rock Road Trip
Lead singer of Brooklyn's Crybaby MacArthur describes her cross-country road trip; hitching rides and hooking up with Bent Outta Shape’s tour van for a lift, playing gigs along the way.
6 Minute Digital Video, 2005
Produced By: Pam Payne
Narrated By: Gaylen Ballantine, Lead Singer of Crybaby MacArthur
Photography By: Steve Shane Wiener
Music By: CryBaby MacArthur and Bent Outta Shape

Bent Road Trip Video Stills, Crybaby MacArthur
Crybaby MacArthur
Vocals: Gaylen
Guitar: Paulie
Bass/Vocals: Ella
Drums: Aaron
Crybaby MacArthur Sample (753k MP3 file)
Bent Outta Shape
Vocals/Guitar: Jamie
Guitar: Nate
Bass: Pony
Drums: Skip
Bent Outta Shape Sample (928k MP3 file)

Bent Road Trip Video Stills, Bent Outta Shape

April 14, 2007, On The Road Video Festival, BusBoys and Poets, Washington DC BusBoys and Poets
Feb. 25, 2007, Festival Internacional de Cine Contemporanea, Cinemex Insurgentes, Mexico City, Mexico
May 5, 2006, Village East Cinema, Screen 6, 181 Second Ave. at 12th St., NYC
NY International Independent Film & Video Festival
Winter, 2006, BALAGAN Experimental Series, Coolidge Corner Theatre, Boston, MA Coolidge Corner Theatre - Balagan
October 7, 2005, Jack Kerouac On The Road Video Festival, 119 Gallery, Curated by Alberto Roblest, Lowell, MA 119 Gallery

Crybaby's Music Distributor No Idea Records
Bent's Music Distributor Recess Records
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Bent Road Trip Video Stills, Gaylen

Note: The language and subject matter of "The Bent Road Trip" may not be suitable for children.

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