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Lisa BARNSTONE Works (1990-92; 20 min.) Stop-motion/puppet animations which convey post-feminist concerns with wry humor and visual wit. Includes "Rumzababalaars," in which a Frankenstone woman creates her destiny; Psychophony shows girls dancing down to Wall Street; and Journey to the Afterdeath.
David BLAIR, Note in the Box (3:30); Charlemagne Ptomaine (10:30); Not Andy Warhol Factory (8:30); Dragan Ilic/Fashion Moda (10); The Reverse of Deja Vu(8) Early shorts by the award-winning director of Wax: The discovery of TV among the bees. Note is a fast, musical animation about hieroglyphics; Charlemagne a poetical dramatization set in an abandoned pier in NYC; Factory is a document of artist Mike Bidlo's recreation of Andy Warhol's Factory studio at P.S. 1; The Reverse of Deja Vu on Television with Slight Delay is an spectral, dream-like meditation on history.
Monty CANTSIN, Anti-Credo (1988; 30 min.) Rapid montage in S8 film of the first Rivington St. Sculpture Garden, an artists' junk assemblage environment (now destroyed) by Swiss performance artist and founder of the "Neoist" movement.
Mitch CORBER, Works Early videos by the performance artist & cable TV pioneer: Apartheid Aside (1986; 7:00) a colorized film-to-video featuring sound FX mixed with music by SF's Toiling Midgets & Morton Subotnick; Quiver City (1984; 11:00) a computer-animated urban distress signal, with poetry and music; The KGB (1982; 7:00) spoof on Russian anarchy envisioned at the funeral of Brezhnev; Juan in New York (1980; 11 min., b&w), city footage
shot from a moving bicycle, set to piano concerto and FX intercut with TV an urban elegy.
CRITICAL Art Ensemble, (1987-88; 35 min.) Tallahassee, FL-based video performance group of seven lays on the post-modern dog, with a series of short collage-comment pieces: Mirror of Reduction, Misappropriation (after Andy Warhol), Baudrillard's Lasso, Collective Oedipal Revolution, Indefinite Concrete Material, Gift-Wrapped Aporia, Art Film, Mondo Familiae, Limnologic Jargon post-modern, yeah, but all highly watchable juice.
DIRECT Art, Shimmelstein (1985, 25 min.) Claymation satire on music biz starring
the Jickets. World Music Inc. conspires to defraud the down-home band. Many odd
domestic and corporate scenes.

Good Lovin' Guitar Man (1984; 3 min.), Heterosexual Love (1984; 4 min.)
& Bloody Stump (1983; 12 min.) Music videos of the Jickets, with Chett Grant,
Larry Lame. Het is a classic doll animation disco and party scene. Stump is early work
by Michael Wolfe, a demented George Pal.

Bradley EROS and Jean LIOTTA Mediamystics (includes Blue Moon, Soma Sema, Open Sesame, Fungus Eroticus, and Dervish Machine) (1988-92; app. 60 min.) Erratic, erotic, arrhythmic
lunar trauma. Fire, water, sex, resurrection. In history as in nature, decay is the laboratory of
This duo's film and video work, honed by frequent live gigs, fuses tribal and sacred elements, exploring the mystic's knowledge of the body in the cybertech era.
Mitsuru HAYASHI, Transformation Is Our Secret (1987; 19:59 min.) A video featuring
the music of avant-garde composer Elliott Sharp. The composer slinks through desolate urban landscapes as his ear-rattling, atonal jazz scores set the pace.
Sara HORNBACHER, Early Works (30 min.) Richly processed & synthesized rapid-cut video by the pioneer video artist. An American Sequence, Equinox Dance/Polyglot Robot; Raster Relief/Video Canvas; Writing Degree Z; Diignus Vindice Nodus Highly rationalized but sensually extravagant abstract work.
Tessa HUGHES-FREELAND Playboy (1984; 15 min.) & Rhonda Goes to Hollywood(1985; 35 min) Richly textured film & video imagery collude in this British-born filmmaker's work. Playboy is made from bits of a vintage porno film. Rhonda is based on
images culled during a trip west with pal artist Rhonda Zwillinger.
Jens JURGENSEN and Jim SPRING, New York Videos (1988-93; 30 min.)
These filmmakers create art videos for music television. Featuring some of the hottest `alternative' bands around. This selection focuses on innovative groups from the latest chapter of the East Village scene. Includes Bongwater, Pussy Galore, Foetus, John Spencer Blues Explosion, Railroad Jerk, and Martin Bisi.
Lydia LUNCH The Gun Is Loaded (1990; 30 min.) Confrontation performance artist
offers harangue in a "video supperrealization" by Merrill Aldighieri & Joe Tripician. High
quality production. Says Lunch: "It's all about getting fucked."
Terry MOHRE, Works, 1978-79 (70 min.) A loose collection of work by the video artist, primarily synthesizer & computer animations with music. Includes a sexy freeze-frame camping trip document.
Frank MOORE & Jim Self, Beehive (1985; 15:35 min.) This 16mm film-on-tape dance video relates the story of a bumbling drone bee who unwittingly causes the transformation of a worker into a queen. A striking soap opera with dance, animation & high production values.
M/W/F MUSIC VIDEO ONE (about 45 min.) A collection of our favorite music videos: intro to the Willoughby Sharp's Downtown NY; Space Party produced for Japanese TV by Steve Pollack & Wolfgang Staehle features John Sex and Ann Magnuson; Film Spectators are Quiet Vampires, a sentimental journey to Jim Morrison's grave by Jordi Torrent; Heterosexual Love a video for the Jickets by Michael Wolfe; No Sell Out cut to the words of Malcolm X by Franck Goldberg; Mitch Corber & Sally White's old-timey Wedding Show intro; Concrete People, artist John Fekner's collaborative animated music video; Twenty-eight, Jill Fleishman's disco-existentialist birthday film; Rumble, Terence Grace's elegant video for Details at Eleven; Terry Mohre & Alan Moore's computer animated Metal Model Romance; Marc Zero's wierd Human Waste; and Cindy Keefer's video for the Special Guests, Cezanne.
Joseph NECHVATAL, When Things Get Rough on Easy Street, Ovid & shorts
(60 min.) This painter's video features dissolving slides of his web-like, calligraphic imagery
set to his own stormy music mixes. Ovid is made up of scenes from the opera X-S with
music by Rhys Chatham. True ambient art video.
Pam PAYNE, Six Shorts (1988-90, 30 min.) A collection of video motion paintings/visual songs. Up on the Roof is flying lessons from a 6-year-old; Brief Undermode is a cryptic triptych (with Terry Mohre); a visual round illustrates the creative process in What We Do; Octobre is feminine perception confliction; in Microwave a child tells the proper misuse of an oven; Mira Mira is a portrait of East 4th Street.
Kembra PFAHLER, Straight Jackie (1987, 15 min.), Pussycat Bladder Waste (1987,
10 min.) and Cornella: Story of a Burning Bush (1986, 5 min.) At last! we've got the art films of the cult-goddess KP. Jackie stars Jack Waters, Carlo McCormick, Samoa, Happy Phace, Valerie Caris. Giddily demented docu-porno epic directed by Karen Black's Pfahler; Pussycat Twistedly arty live performance from the Carnival of Sleaze at NYC's Kitchen. Stars Kembra and Samoa; Cornella, Kembra and Samoa impersonate flowers in this bizarrely cheery short.
Ann SARGENT-WOOSTER, Carmen, (1990, 20 min.) Takes Bizet's tale of temptation, desire, obsessive love and death and places it within the nightclubs and graffiti-laced streets of NY City. Modern-day tale intersperses the narrative with tangents and metaphors from dance images to the sex life of a penguin, and scientific writings on volcanoes and glaciers.

Dialectics of Romance (1985, 30 min.) This well-received piece by the video artist & writer takes a structuralist (though juicy) look at formula romance writing using miniature sets, faceless close-ups and lush dissolves.

Clea T. WAITE, Stella Maris (1988; 15 min.) A study of the female nude, and transformation
of movement and light under water. These "living sculptures" enact an interpretation of the triple goddess myths in black & white.
Penelope WEHRLI, In a Storm Even Dinosaurs Trip, & Invasion of the Amazons
(29 min.) This Swiss performance artist's dreamy films contain strong images of female
courage and entrapment. "Somewhere between drama and comedy a desert opens up between
the hero and heroine."

Alice Dropped the Mirror and It Broke (1989, 63 min.) An experimental narrative
about a woman filmmaker editing a documentary about four men: a leader, a cowboy,
an anarchist, and an artist. Dissatisfied with their superficial representations of romantic male power. Alice travels into her film to search for the reality under each man's artifice. It is the beginning of a game where each man plays by his own rules and Alice is confronted with the choice to become victim or manipulator.

Nick ZEDD, Whoregasm (1988; 11 min.) An eye-bending video/film collage, a new direction
for Zedd stars Susan Manson, Rick Strange & the director. Also I Shit On God (1988; 5 min.) with Rick Strange.

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