Spring 1998
Issue on Modern Architecture


Guest Editor's Introduction
Loretta Lorance
Comrades and Citizens: 
Hannes Meyer, Ludwig Hilberseime 
and K. Michael Hayes 
Claire Zimmerman 
Promises, Promises: 
The Allure of Household 
Appliances in the 1920s 
Loretta Lorance 
The Fall and Rise of Austrian Architecture: 
The Redemptive Strategies of Coop Himmelblau 
and Hans Hollein 
Noah Chasin 
Welcome to New York 
William Menking 

Hidden Voices: Childhood, The Family and Anti-Semitism in Occupation France,
a conference at Columbia University and at La Maison Francaise.
  Lai Orenduff
Figuring Commodities: 
Trade Figures at the Museum of American Folk Art 
Alan Moore
Navigating Modernism from Within and Without: Alvar Aalto at MOMA  
Deborah Lewittes
Renee Cox is Back and Boomin'
by Rocio Aranda-Alvarado
Art of the 1960s,  
Ellen Tepfer

Teaching: New Approaches
to Old Problems 
Thalia Vrachopoulos
Nuts and Bolts and Headaches:  
Securing Loans for an Exhibition 
Ralph Sessions


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