Video Fly

Video Performance Device
Video Fly is a set of interactive video processing tools that allow the performer to manipulate live or recorded video “on the fly”. Using pre-recorded clips or a live camera image, the performer selects color and spatial effects to alter the video image in real time. The resulting image can be displayed via video projection or output to other standard video devices. Video camera inputs can remain stationary and focused on a single subject or can be moved. Using lightweight web cameras, the performer is able to smear the image into an abstraction by moving and swinging it wildly as a motion painting device. The developers, Terry Mohre and Pam Payne, enjoy the Video Fly device as an improvisational instrument to produce visual music and as a post processing tool. They perform with Video Fly in in the NYC area and elsewhere, often in collaboration with musicians, poets, dancers and performance artists.

Video Fly Video Fly Video Fly Video Fly Video Fly Video Fly

Recent Performances & Events
The Festival of Cultural Exchange 2004, Portland, Maine

The Happening 2004, at Chashama Performance Space, NYC

Video Fly Video Fly Video Fly Video Fly Video Fly Video Fly

Technical Specifications
Video Fly is a PC-Based system with high-end gaming graphics cards and custom software.

Video Fly Lite is a trimmed down laptop version.

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System Overview General Capabilities

The Developers
Terry Mohre and Pam Payne have been collaborating on video and digital media projects in a partnership called BRICKHAUS for over 10 years. Their work has won awards at the Bonn Videonale in Germany, and at Siggraph. In addition to galleries and performance spaces in the NYC area, their work has been recently shown at the Boston Cyber Arts Festival and in Havana, Cuba at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.


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